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Merel Muylle


PhD, Cognitive Psychology, Ghent University

I am a psycholinguistics researcher with a special interest in bilingualism and the cognitive
mechanisms underlying spoken and typewritten production. In the past years, I worked within
various domains of speech and written production research. During my master education, I studied
the learning of new phonotactic constraints in children, younger adults and older adults by means of
a speech slip task. In my PhD dissertation I investigated the development of shared syntactic
representations in late L2 acquisition. For this, I used structural priming in an artificial language
learning paradigm. Currently, I am working on a project in which I study competition in the
production system during the typewriting of homophones. In this project, I combine behavioral
experiments with computational models of written word production based on the interactive two-
step model of spoken production. My longer-term goal is to model typewriting from concept to
motor processes in young and older, healthy and impaired, mono- and bilingual adults.

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