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Opportunities to join the lab

Graduate students

I will be accepting new graduate students both through Psychology and Cognitive  Science programs. Students with a background in cognitive science, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and linguistics are welcome to apply. Please note that I usually do not accept students with clinical backgrounds.

A postdoctoral fellowship position

A 2-year postdoctoral position is available for studying the perception-production interface. This is a joint position with Dr. Lori Holt's lab at UT-Austin. 


Graduates with an interdisciplinary interest and skillset in applying engineering and machine learning techniques to the analysis of neural data are welcome to send an inquiry to Dr. Nozari throughout the year, as funding may be available for such positions.



Part-time RA positions

Part-time research opportunities (volunteer, for course credit, or hourly payment) are available for research during summer and throughout the semester for undergraduate students. Projects range from online experiments on studying the cognitive architecture of typing behavior in humans to working with data from individuals with brain damage to better understand how the brain processes language. Students with programming backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply. 



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